New Beginnings

Our vision is to be a dynamic community of faith that sees every person become reconciled to God and become restorers of hope, acceptance, and unity across racial, social, and gender divides.

Our mission, by the power of the Holy Spirit,  is to make the “un-churched” the “Church.” byletting them experience the love of Jesus through us and letting them see the transforming power of God in our lives!

Language is a powerful thing, including what it causes us to think of. Many times when we use or hear the word “church” we picture a place you “go to” – a building, campus, or meeting space. We may utter the common phrase, “I’m going to church,” implying that when we’re in a building we are “at church” and when we leave that building we’re done with “church.” Without realizing it, this language can box in how we think of God.

The Bible reveals that the original community of Christ-followers in the First Century was a movement… a fully-alive relationship of “people and Godrestoring each other and the world into its original image. While gathering together as the Church was a priority, so was staying in connection with God and each other every day. BEING the Church” means that we don’t limit the Lord or the impact He might have on the world through our lives in any way (including turning our faith into a mere 90 minute event on a Sunday morning). When everything is stripped away – the building, events, and activities – the presence of God is still there and we are His church!That means all space can be sacred – our house, the car, a restaurant, the beach, a movie theater, cubicle world, the carpool lane – if we choose to engage the presence of God.

Practically, BEING the Church means we intentionally join the Lord in reaching others… that it is our responsibility and mission to go to the lost rather than to expect them to come to us. We purpose to minister in the opportunities that our daily lives present, and we are intentional about involving ourselves in the lives of others whether they are near or far from God.

And so as much as we value meeting together for services that expose us to thrilling truths and an awe-inspiring God, New Beginnings is really about what Jesus Christ does in us and through us every day of the week. We strive to be a community where everyone is growing in “the Way of Jesus” and allowing Him to live His life through ours so the world will change from the inside-out. We have been changed to bring change!